OEKIIN (pronounced Owaken) is the brainchild of recording artist Jeff D’Agostino. OEKIIN combines electronic music, powerful vocals, and activism. His latest song “All Together,” released by EDM producer/DJ Illenium on the album “Ascend,” is a soft melodic ballad about humanity, compassion and unity, while
OEKIIN’s singles, “Rebel Minds,” and “Eyes on You,” combine gritty vocals, dubstep, trap, and the attitude of rock with lyrics about important societal issues. There will be much more music coming from this new and emerging artist. The movement is just getting started.

OEKIIN was first discovered by music producers Rock Mafia and later signed to Interscope Records by former CEO Jimmy Iovine. Collaborations include songs with Timbaland, Rock Mafia, and Illenium. He’s currently writing, producing, and releasing music independently under his own label, Dilemma Music Inc.




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